Youth Group

AKT is Walmsley's thriving Youth Group, consisting of enthusiastic youngsters aged between 8 and 16.

AKT acts as a theatre workshop which aims to produce one show per year in the Parish Church Theatre, with rehearsals on a Tuesday night. All the facilities and resources available to the senior society are also at our disposal, so you can be sure of a professional production... in all but name!

Just like the senior society, membership is open to all, so if you're interested in theatre, why not contact us via the Contact Us page or by Facebook. This could be the start of something BIG!

Click on the productions below to view show and cast details.

Youth Group Shows

Jun 2022 Annie Jr.
Jun 2018 Robin and The Sherwood Hoodies
Jun 2017 The Rocky Monster Show
Jun 2016 You Can't Stop The Beat
Jun 2015 The Pied Piper
Jun 2014 What's New, Pussycat?
Jun 2013 Olivia!
Jun 2012 Gel
Jun 2011 Whatevah Goes
Jul 2010 Little Shop Of Horrors
Jul 2009 Bugsy Malone
Jul 2008 Honk!
Jul 2007 The Bible Boys
Jul 2006 Paradisium
Jul 2005 From West End To Broadway
Jul 2004 Shake, Ripple and Roll
Feb 1987 Whatever Happened To Dracula?
Feb 1986 Robin Hood
Jan 1985 Dazzle
1983 The Wizard Of Oz
1982 Red Riding Hood
Feb 1981 Alice In Wonderland