Amazing 16 NODA nominations for District 5 Awards!

We are delighted to announce that we have received an amazing 16 nominations for the NODA District 5 Awards for our productions of "Follies" and "42nd Street". The full list of nominations is shown below.

This is the first time that Region 5 are hosting their own awards ceremony, which will be held on February 8th at the Last Drop Village, and we are very proud that our society has received so many nominations among the 20 societies in our District. 

We wish the very best of luck to all nominees. 

The nominations are:

Youth - Best Male in an Adult Musical
Jonathan Allen - Young Buddy - Follies
Tom Gillard - Young Ben - Follies

Youth - Best Female in an Adult Musical
Katie Ryding - Young Sally - Follies

Best Supporting Male in a Musical
Joe Davies - Bert Barry - 42nd Street

Best Supporting Female in a Musical
Adrienne Wormald - Carlotta Campion - Follies

Best Male Lead in a Musical
John Preston - Benjamin Stone - Follies
John Preston - Julian Marsh - 42nd Street

Best Female Lead in a Musical
Vicki Wilson - Phyllis Rogers-Stone - Follies
Vicki Wilson - Dorothy Brock - 42nd Street
Lindsay Farnworth - Peggy Sawyer - 42nd Street

Best Choreographer
Lara Syddall - 42nd Street

Best Musical Director
Tim Power - 42nd Street

Best Director
Nora Howcroft - 42nd Street

Best Ensemble
42nd Street

Best Staging
42nd Street

Best Show
42nd Street